Produce Marketing Materials that Gets Results

Your business's success depends on your advertising and marketing materials.

In todays competitive market getting the most from your advertising dollar is necessary for your business succeed and be profitable. That requires that marketers don’t wast that valuable resource.
Are they targeting the correct public ( who is your customer )?
Are you getting a good return form your advertising? (ROI)

As a marketing professional who has helped many small businesses maximize their marketing ,

The first step in being a great marketer is mastering the basics.
Below RwB Digital will share some important marketing elements that will help you get started on the path to success.

Why do small businesses need quality marketing materials?
Your advertising and marketing is a key part of branding your business and generate the realty of established goods and services to your public. And always remember first impressions to potential customers are a value that can not be neglected.

Quality advertising and marketing will increase your chances of finding the customers who are looking for exactly what you've got to sell! And influence past customers to keep coming back.

The facts is unless you're company has a monopoly on the product our services being sold, putting the effort in to create quality marketing materials is important.

What makes marketing materials successful?
To be successful in marketing your going to have to stand out from the crowd...
Before I continue with the details on successful advertising if you implement these four fundamental of marketing your campaigns will not be unsuccessful.

First: Your marketing must grab your target market's attention! If your target market isn't paying attention, how are you going get your marketing message across in the first place?
When you're trying to evaluate your marketing, survey your public.  Whats there likes,? Whats there needs? what will create emotion and  capture your publics attention.  Will it stand out from the crowd of competitors trying grab the same attention of your public.

Second : Find out what is it about your product or services that will benefit them. Let them know list them as bullet points, Stat the facts get them excited about your product or services. Generate the emotion that your company can fill or exceed all there needs.

Third  : Let them know your products have a monetary value, You can place a exact price on the goods or service but it is not always necessary. You can implant mystery by using terms like, affordable, 10% Off Retail price, Discounted … Be creative, Being the lowest price in the industry is not always a good marketing plan.

Forth: You got there attention now close... give them a powerful call to action. IE: Call Now And Save, Visit Us at   , Hurry in and Save

By implementing these four basics you're on your way to achieving marketing that's successful.

Now that you understand by implementing these four basics you're on your way to achieving marketing that will be successful. let's look at Marketing Goals.

Knowing your marketing goal!
Before you start creating postcards to start mailing out to potential clients, ask yourself what do I want my marketing materials to accomplish?

Here are some marketing goals examples:

    Generate qualified leads.
    Increase online sales by 5%.
    Increase store traffic by 10%
    Support materials for your sales team.
    Build brand awareness of you business
    Get more repeat clients.

“Check your goals and see if they are realistic, specific, and measurable? You goals must be realistic in the current market your business can support.”

Your goals will vary depending on your businesses needs by having specific goals gives your marketing materials direction and helps you determine the types of marketing materials you should use.

Example :

Your current  business marketing goal is to increase store traffic by 10% for the month of August and September. Great you clearly defined your marketing goal, now you know that your marketing materials should target a specific geographic location. ( If your store is in Clearwater, FL, don't waste  your  money targeting prospects Tallahassee, Fl.)

You also know that your advertising and marketing needs to give your public incentive buy your goods or services. By utilizing a sale or promotion of a unique product are just a few ideas to dive them to you.

Note: Measuring campaign effectiveness by tracking statistics, integrating analytics, and calculating the returns that evaluate the success of the marketing investment.

The most effective advertising gives you a high ROI. By tracking and stating these result you will know what marketing champagne where successful and what fails. When you get a high ROI and spend very little to advertise and still get sales. And this knowledge is a very powerful tool in preparing your advertising budget.

Your Public

Understanding of who your  public is:

Who are they?
How did they find you?
What do they like about you?
What don’t they like?

A large part of achieve any successful marketing is knowing your public.You should know their interests, likes and dislikes. Before you start any campaign learn as much about them and their interests as possible. Use customer surveys, random interviews, feedback sheets, and a lot of common sense to acquire this information.

Understanding your customers could include knowing their:
• Geography (Where are they located?)
• Age
• Gender
• Marital status
• Interests
• Income 
• Emotions (How does your public perceive themselves? What motives them?)
Earlier in this article in the four fundamental I touched on knowing your customers need . The most important way to understand your public, is to know what they need and want.

Niche Marketing
The tighter your niche, the better your chances of finding the customers who are looking for exactly what you've got to sell!

Niche marketing means targeting a  select group of  your businesses public, whether it's  your local business to business or , business  to customers, Select a industry or some other group of people with same interests. Find out your niche market is the first step to attracting them to your business.

When getting to know your target market, try imagining yourself in their shoes. How does it feel to be them? What are they feeling, what are  they thinking, what are there concerns?

If your business offers a wide variety of services to a large portion of the population, you can still benefit from niche marketing. Some of your products or services may be targeted too a  specific public of your customer base. Find that customer base that give the highest ROI

Read More on Niche Marketing

Ok now we know who are public is and and what product or service we are targeting, but how do you know what form of marketing will be effective or what pricing strategies should use for your products or services? What makes your business unique? What is your competitive edge? Whats your competition doing?

-Your competition -

Competition is good, especially from larger market players with substantial resources and large over head. So in the face of competition, how should you respond? Successful businesses will respond with what makes you better, give higher-quality service , rather than cost-cutting measures.

Before you can know your competitive edge, you must know your competitor.

Make a list of your top three competitors.
List below your strength and weaknesses compared to your business competition.
What advantages does your product/service have over those of the competition (consider such things as unique features, patents, expertise, special training, etc.)
Look at their marketing. (What are they promoting.)

Tips on acquiring competitive data:

Online Searches are a quick method of finding competitive information. However, this search will only provide information that has become public.

On-site Observations of the competitor's parking lot, customer service, volume and pattern of suppliers' deliveries, etc. can yield useful information about the state of the competitor's business.

Surveys and Interviews can yield plenty of data about competitors and products. Research surveys and focus group interviews generally provide more in-depth perspectives from a limited sample.

Now let's figure out the best marketing for your business.

Now that you've done your research, you're ready to figure out the best place to invest your marketing dollars. Small businesses invest in a variety of marketing, including radio ads, websites, direct-mail, online advertising, and even social marketing.

Here are some things to remember when determining the most beneficial marketing for your small business:

Know your marketing budget. When choosing where to invest your marketing dollars, you first have to determine how much you can afford. TV commercials are great for reaching a wide audience, but are one of the most expensive types of marketing. Radio ads can be locally targeted, giving you more control, and can be more affordable. There are also a lot of free and low cost advertising on the internet, Social network sites, google or local business directory. to see more info on free advertising go to

There are many ways to calculate a marketing budget, but if you're a new business owner, start with what you can afford. If you've been in business longer, you can also use a percentage of your sales.

In closing many small business who are focused on niche markets find it profitable and fulfilling. The keys to your success is to stay in touch with your customers, understand their needs and keep serving those needs with continuous innovation.

Don’t  be one of the crowd….

                                 Stand out from the crowd….

                                                                    Get noticed...

                                                                                   Be seen...

Market yourselves and get the customers that you need and want. It absolutely is possible!! Just find out what makes you unique and put yourself out there for all the world to see and watch you business succeed !!