Create a Marketing Plan That gets Results...

Every business need a marketing strategy in order to increase there level of business, and maintain their customer base despite the challenging market and economic conditions. Sometimes, people do not realize the value of a business marketing strategy and they do not invest sufficient amount of time & money to come up with something solid that is successful.

Every business has its goals and a desire for success. This is what your business marketing strategy should be about and your business marketing strategy should obtain these objectives.

Marketing Plan Pro Powered by Duct Tape MarketingĀ®

Marketing Plan Pro can help you achieve your goals and is a simple marketing plan software that makes it easy to plan and carry out the marketing activities you need to grow your business.


Marketing Plan Pro will help you:

  • Define your ideal customer
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Create a lead generation plan
  • Retain loyal customers
  • Forecast sales and budget expenses

Create a complete marketing plan
Marketing Plan Pro integrates the Duct Tape Marketing system into a step-by-step approach that guides you through the process of creating a great looking marketing plan and a true action plan that you can start using immediately in your business. Marketing Plan Pro has all the features you need.

Track progress against your plan
Marketing Plan Pro is more than just a plan preparation. It will also help guide you in the actual use and implementation of your new plan. With a live roadmap and coordinated effort, your marketing activities will make a measurable difference in your business.

Advice and tips at every step
Every step includes detailed explanations and examples, including audio introductions narrated by John Jantsch. Marketing Plan Pro powered by Duct Tape Marketing gives you the power to create a custom marketing plan and a powerful marketing system quickly.

Extend and customize your plan
You now have complete control over what's included or not included in your marketing plan. Need additional spreadsheets? Simply add them to your plan outline. Marketing Plan Pro includes many customization features that impress even the most advanced practitioners!

Product Description

The popular Duct Tape Marketing system from John Jantsch is now a step-by-step software package from Palo Alto Software, Inc., makers of the best-selling Business Plan Pro. With detailed instructions and examples, audio guidance, and built-in spreadsheets, Marketing Plan Pro 11.0 powered by Duct Tape Marketing gives you everything you need to create a simple, effective and affordable marketing campaign. John Jantsch's Duct Tape Marketing system is designed to take the jargon and confusion out of marketing for small businesses. In this system, "marketing" is simply this: getting people who have a specific problem to know, like, and trust you. Detailed instructions and examples guide you through the process of creating your goals and translating your plan into action. Each section contains an audio overview, narrated by John Jantsch The Tasks list walks you through the Duct Tape Marketing process, step by step, to help you: Identify your ideal customer Discover your remarkable difference Structure product and service offerings to turn suspects into prospects, prospects to clients, and clients into repeat clients and champions Create lead generation, conversion, and tracking plans Get everyone in your organization to take on a marketing role Create concrete goals to measure marketing success Marketing Plan Pro gives you strategies and tasks to make marketing a part of your daily business activities, and to train every employee for their marketing roles. Linked spreadsheets with automatic plan vs. actual comparison help you make course corrections for sales and expenses as they happen. Built-in Milestones features help you assign marketing responsibilities, set goals, and then follow up. Flexible features for all kinds of plans