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Markiting Help: From campaign planning and ad creation to media buying and media placement, We can get you started or take care of the entire process for you.

First lets find out what marketing works best for your business and get you a higher  return of investment (ROI).

Utilizing Print * Direct Mail * Cooperative Advertising * Radio * Television * Billboards ...

Your advertising needs my be as simple as creating a business card and hooking you up with the right networking group or as complex as a full print campaign, with web site and video commercial to help you brand your business.

Let me help you assess which of these methods are suitable for your company.  We can help bring more customers to your door using these as well as countless other methods.

Our approach starts with the most important part of any effective campaign...

Then begin every campaign with careful marketing analysis:

We offer the first hour consultation free. This is to get us acclimated in your advertising needs and discover who you public is.

What is your brand?

Who are your competitors?

Who – and where are your customers?

What is it that your customers needs?

Once we complete survey and finding out who your public is then we start with a creative concept. From there, develop copy that communicates what your products or services are and then design the advertising concept.

Then we implement your advertising campaign by balancing diverse marketing elements, objectives and visual media to your campaign.

Thus generate the most successful and measurable results for your advertising dollars.

I can get you started or take care of the entire process for you.

Call (727) 385-1687 for a FREE consultation and see how we can help.